Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Out In Cambridge ;o)

I had a fabulous day out in Cambridge with a friend today. We managed to catch the Peterborough to Cambridge train but if it had not been for one of the railway staff onboard who very kindly reminded us we had reached our destination, I think we may have ended up at Norwich!  My friend tends to chat far too much. ;) 

No sooner had we arrived at Radley's in Cambridge this afternoon we were greeted with a nice refreshing glass of fruit juice. However, when we mentioned that both my friend and I were celebrating our Birthday's within a few days of each other the Store assistant Mathew opened a bottle of champagne for us so that we could celebrate in style. Eww I started my shopping spree with a huge smile on my face......hic!!!!

I managed to treat myself at H Samuel, New Look, Boots and John Lewis today. We also popped in to Ann Summer for some girly laughs. Phew! I'm exhausted now. :) 

We had luncheon at Nando's, Cambridge. My meal was very nice. I ate the Nando's special Chicken dish which was named Butterfly. ;)

Thank goodness I wasn't driving today. On our return journey to Peterborough we were greeted by my friend's hubby who very kindly drove us both home. ;)

PS I almost forgot to mention the mirrors in the loos at Cambridge Railway Station....hehe I walked into the cubicle and I jumped when I saw my own reflection. I thought someone else was in the loo with me. Spooky or what?  ;o)

I had a fab day today. ;o)

SmileyRose x

Me at Nando's today smelling the piri piri sauce. Don't worry...the sauce bottle was nowhere near my nostril really, although it does look a little like it was in the photograph.  ;)

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