Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Home Bug!

As a young girl/woman I tended to spend quite a lot of my time reading or listening to music up in my bedroom. I was never one who spent too much time going out and partying or hanging around with large groups of friends. It didn't really interest me. I tended to see one or two of my female friends occasionally only. I have known a number of females in my time and I have socialized with them, but not all at once because I mixed in a number of different circles of friends. :)

In the latter part of my teen years and when I started to meet boys I suppose my life changed a little. There were a few more social events and parties which I attended however as much as it was good fun at the time I used to look forward to the days when I could just relax and chill out at home.

I've always been a bit of home bug really.

When I married (for almost 15 years) my then hubby and I spent most of the time together. We had a few close married friends who we socialized with on the odd occasion. We would sometimes go to each others homes and we threw the odd dinner party.

Once the children came along we had a number of friends who also had children at the same time. We tended to go out to a number of children's parties which included the parents...and sometimes we threw the odd party ourselves too. :)

As a married couple we rarely went out without each other. We were never joint at the hip so to speak and we did have one or two evenings a month when we socialized with our own friends but it was very unusual to see either of us without the other until we seperated/divorced........and I became a single status. :)

I totally believe that married couples should spend as much time together as possible and definitely not too much time apart.

My ex hubby was a shift worker and I did not work once the children arrived. I was a full time Mother. It gave us both the opportunity to spend as much time together as a married couple and to also spend time with our children. It was great! The children never felt neglected because quite often one of us/both of us were always around for them. :)

Even though I am now divorced I still spend the majority of my time either at home or with my family. I still see friends on the odd occasion. I tend not to go to too many parties/out drinking. I'm still quite a home bug even after marriage. I love my home. Some things don't change. ;)

Today I had every good intention of getting on with some decorating....only I sat in my sun lounge, lay back on my couch and I relaxed instead. It was lovely. I felt as if I was on holiday with the sun shining through the glass. I became so hot at one point I had to open a few more windows. :)

I managed to get through a few articles in my magazines (a bit of light reading), looked out on to my little garden, ...went on the internet, I listened to classical music, I drank tea, I drank ginger beer, I watched a little TV, I ate strawberries and cream, chatted to Rosie my cockatiel (she's funny) has been a great day! I have really enjoyed it. I must do it again soon.

I have learnt one thing....when you lead a busy and a hectic week at work try to keep a day free for just yourself whereby you do absolutely nothing and feel great about it! :o)

SmileyRose x

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