Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Of Those Good Teachers Which You Remember

Aww remembers with such fondness Mr Barrington (class teacher) and Mr Powers (deputy head teacher) of Campbell School, Cyprus. :)  Both of these teachers believed in me and I thank them both for their encouragement at school by firstly making me school prefect, head prefect and sports house captain of the school. :)

Miss Strudwick who was very sweet to me when I attended The Fisherton Anger Primary School, Salisbury, Wilthshire. :)

Student teacher Miss Sharpe who was very encouraging even as a student teacher when she taught English at Bedale High School, North Yorkshire. She once entered the Miss England competition. :)

Mrs Cuthbertson was one of my primary school teachers from the Minden Barracks Primary School, Penang.  She helped to encourage me out of my shyness when I was a little girl by choosing me to play the Angel Gabriel in the school nativity play. Back in those days we were all encouraged to have a speaking part in the school nativity plays and we did not just enact a scene by miming. It was great fun.

To all of the teachers who taught me at New College Stamford when I returned as a mature student just a few years ago. They were all helpful.

Miss Griffin who was a teacher at The Exeter C of E School, Stamford...she has been around for as long as I can remember.....whilst I attended school and when I have bumped into her in recent years outside of school. I consider her a friend these days. :)

The RAF schools I was taught at whilst living abroad were all excellent and some of those teachers were simply the best. :)

There were a number of other teachers along the way who I may have forgotton about. They were all good. :)

Sometimes it is the little encouragement you get from some of your teachers which enable you to build up your confidence. :)

SmileyRose x

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