Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patience Is A Virtue!

I was very cross yesterday evening! I stopped off at my local petrol station. After I filled the car with petrol I went to pay and then I went straight back to the car. I wasn't taking my time however I always drive safely, therefore I firstly put my seat belt on before I started the engine. Some inpatient twerp in the car behind me started tooting his horn to try and hurry me along! Now I am quit...e abled bodied and I don't have a disability. I don't like to hang at petrol stations myself...but the twerp just would not stop tooting his horn.

My question is...what if I were slightly disabled and it took me a little longer to walk back to my car and then get settled into the car before putting my seatbelt on etc...It's not as if I was busy putting my lippy on......then what twerp?! *looks up to the sky and tuts*

SmileyRose x

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