Saturday, July 07, 2012

Thinking Back To My Childhood :)

Aww thinking back to my childhood and when I lived at Salisbury, Wiltshire. I loved living there. :)

I used to attend the Fisherton Anger Primary School. I think they have now demolished the old primary school however I remember one teacher with great fondness. Her name was Miss Strudwick.
I remember when I was admitted into hospital for a couple of weeks to have my tonsils removed she encouraged the whole class to write me a little note/card/letter to help cheer me up. I remember a little sack full of the notes/cards arriving at the children's ward. When I was feeling better I remember reading each and every one of those notes etc. They were all so lovely and kindly worded. It really did help to make me feel more cheerful. What a nice teacher for taking the time to think about me. I also remember her sending me the book about the Pegasus, a book we were reading in class just before my hospital stay.  She sent it to me so that I could finish reading it in my own leisure...:)

It was during my stay in hospital that a little boy who stayed on the same ward as me let me have a go on the rocking horse when all of the other children wouldn't let me ride it.  He held my hand and he gave me the courage to stand up for myself because I was very shy. He was the first boy to ever tell me he loved me. ;)

My, how times have changed. When my daughter Lauren had her tonsils removed a few years ago, she was only admitted for one night. I stayed overnight in the little bed next to her. The ward nurse was so nice. He had a great way with kids...and their mothers too. ;)

I am still in touch with a couple of folk from the old days at Salisbury. In fact my friends family all moved to Stamford just shortly before my family moved to the area. We've known each other ever since I was 7yrs old.'s been a long friendship. :)

SmileyRose x

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