Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Goodbye!!! A Lady Who Will Be Sadly Missed By Me

Dear God give me strength today as I say goodbye to yet another family friend.

I have recently learned that another of my long term friends, Mrs Ash,  died.  I am truly very thankful that I picked up the telephone to chat to her not very long ago. She was such a lovely lady.

Mrs Ash and I had been friends for many years. She was not only a family friend but also and ex neighbour. She was a member of the Mothers Union. She had a very caring and loving nature.  She attended my children's birthday parties and sometimes she would drop by for a chat. Recalls the time the children's entertainer pretended to squeeze a bottle of tomato sauce over her head. You'll be pleased to it wasn't real tomato sauce.

There were a number of occasions when I would chat to her over her garden gate whenever I passed by her home on the way to the shops or during my walks around the village. 

A number of years ago I remember inviting Mrs Ash to a farm outing on Mothers day with the girls and I and my ex Mother-In-Law. It was a beautiful day and she was very sweet to both of my children.

We attended a flower arranging evening together once. I loved Mrs Ash's company. :)

When my children were much younger I was a member of the Mother and Toddler Committee Group. I attended the group sessions with my children at least once a week.  Mrs Ash always attended the same group sessions too along with the Mothers Union ladies. They were extremely helpful. They often helped to serve coffee and teas to the parents... and soft drinks were given to the children.

The girls and I once had lunch with both Mrs Ash and her dear husband, at their home.  Mr Ash was a true gentleman.

I remember Mrs Ash's 70th Birthday party with great fondness. I was honoured to have been invited and to have shared her special day with her and her family members. She had a great number of guests who all attended that lovely evening. I shall treasure those memories always.

My heart goes out to all of her family at this very sad time. The news was very upsetting to say the least. Thinking about your smiling face. RIP Mrs Ash. XXX

SmileyRose x

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