Monday, August 27, 2012

How Flattering! ;o)

Oh my! :o) Whilst out shopping this morning someone whistled at me and he made a flattering comment to me *blushes* I was wearing a tight fitted top which drew this guys attention. How flattering that a man who appeared to be younger than me, would actually find me attractive enough to comment *blushes again* least I am not crass enough to photograph myself or anyone elses attributes for that matter and plaster it on facebook for everyone else to see, unlike some of my less refined... so called friends.

OMG and the photographs this so called friend has plastered on her facebook site looks like women with droopy attributes. They look as if they have huge over the shoulder boulder holders to hold them up!!!!

OMG! One of them has wrinkly ones. :) I shall not be looking at her facebook pages for a while. Not interested in the slightest!!!!

SmileyRose x

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