Sunday, August 26, 2012

"I Swear" - All 4 One

When folk swear on the TV at least it's easy to bleep them out on many of those programmes. It is a shame you can't bleep them out in real life though....wash your mouths out! :)  *tuts*

Why can't some folk just have an ordinary conversation without bringing up just one little swear word? :) Eww and it sounds far worse when a lady uses a swear word. If I can go without using a single swear word just in ordinary conversation then anyone can do it. It's not difficult. :)

Neither my ex husband or I ever swore in front of our children. Heaven forbid. Our children never picked up any bad cursing words from us. I've never heard either of my daughters use such bad language either.  If I ever heard someone else swear in our home or wherever, particularly when the girls were young, then I'd say to the girls "Ooo they've just been brought up badly, you don't say those kind of things" :) The girls have certainly never sworn in front of me before. :)

Some of my friends swear and I sometimes sit there in total silence just listening to them. It can make me cringe sometimes but I have learned to smile sweetly and like a trooper, I have learned to carry on regardless.;o)

I do make allowances occasionally and I do understand that some folk have a need to curse, but there are times and places...or circumstances when I think it is OK to do so. ;o)

LOL do you remember the old Swear Boxes?  I think I'd be rich if all of the folk I knew put 50 pence inside a swear box every time they cursed! ;) 

Maybe I should set one up. I'd be well on my way to becoming a millionairess by now if I'd set one up a few years ago. ;)
SmileyRoseFrances x

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