Saturday, August 04, 2012

'Magic Mike' :)

I was at the Showcase Cinema earlier. I went to watch 'Magic Mike.' :) Whoa!!!!!! I loved the film, I loved the dancing....Magic Mike was just pure magic. :)

The film depicted Chippendale type dancers and Magic Mike knew how to shake his booty...he was definitely a favourite with the ladies. You sometimes wonder just how some guys can really move like that. ;)

This evening I had my eyes glued to the screen. I don't think it left it until the film ended.

I of course upgraded my seat to the fancy big leather look seats in the cinema. I must say, I felt very comfortable. :)

Getting back to the film...goodness, Matthew McConaughey aka Dallas certainly looked good without his shirt on.....however Channing Tatum aka Magic Mike really did it for me.....both guys left me all hot and bothered. ;)

A fun film certainly worth the watch. Something fun to chat to your 'girly' friends about. ;o)

Ps I saw lots of mussels at the seaside last Sunday....and more musles again this evening.  ;o)

SmileyRose x

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