Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside...& Alford Manor House ;o)

I woke up at the crack of dawn today and I ate my breakfast outside on the patio. Breakfast included a huge slice of melon. ;O)

After breakfast I managed to get one or two jobs done before heading for Sainsbury and Thomas Cook. I then drove down to Alford Manor House and I spent the morning looking around the house and gardens. I wanted somewhere different to photograph and it looks like I found it. ;o)

The Manor House has been through much restoration. I like the fact they decided to restore the old cobbled courtyard and the walled garden which was designed by Jane Leach. The rest of the garden and the garden structures have been completed by the Trust and is mainly maintained by volunteers. It was very pretty indeed.

On my arrival at the Manor it seemed as if I was welcomed by some local Morris Dancers. LOL I was the only person standing and watching to begin with...I was also the only one standing around to applaud after their first dance. ;O)

After visiting the Manor House I then decided to drive towards Skegness, particularly as it was so close by. :)

This week was carnival week at Skegness and my word didn't I know it!! The traffic was exceptionally very bad trying to get into Skegness. I must admit the main carnival procession had almost finished by the time I arrived, however I managed to park ok and just as I walked to the Sea front there was a marching band ending this afternoon’s procession. They were playing "Marry You" the Bruno Mars song. LOL It would have made the perfect marriage proposal in front of 100's of folk who were all enjoying their holiday. :o)

After the procession I walked through the fair grounds and then along the sea front. I also walked along the Skegness Pier. It was quite breezy. I managed to find a couple of folk who took my photograph on the pier. Hehe they also wanted to get in the photograph, therefore I also have a photograph taken with me and two complete strangers. :) I must say they were very colourfully dressed in their saris.;)

I decided to treat myself to an ice cream...I had one large scooped ice cream with two flakes which was dipped in hundreds and thousands.

I had a beautiful day just resting and enjoying the sunhshine and the sea air. :o)

Afterwards I drove home listening and singing along to The Carpenters Greatest Hits. Along the way I dropped in to the local cinema to watch 'Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift' which was absolutely brilliant!!!

I remember watching the original 'Ice Age' film some years ago. I remember immediately going out to buy the film on video. I watched the film in I looked funny wearing the glasses :) I absolutely loved the film.

I really enjoyed watching the adventures of Manny, Diego and Sid Embark. They end up on an iceberg which they use as a ship. They encounter pirates and sea creatures. I simply loved the humour in the film. The film wasn't just for the children....because I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. :)

A good day was had by all. ;o)

SmileyRose x

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