Sunday, August 26, 2012

Witty/Funny Sense of Humour Is My Favourite

I love a witty/funny sense of humour. These days there seem to be very little of it on our televisions. Some of those really funny comedies have been repeated time and time again because comedy seems to have died a sudden death.

A friend of mine once told someone a joke and they looked at her with a blank expression. She didn't realize until afterwards that the person spoke/understood very little English....let alone understand the joke she was telling!  

I particularly loved the double entendre jokes in some of the can't beat some of those old classics. The Two Ronnies used to have me in hysterics...they were so funny. :)

I think many comedians/writers are afraid to tell a good joke these days in fear of it upsetting/offending someone. As long as someone isn't being offensive/rude/crude in any way and the joke they are telling is all in good humour, then it shouldn't really matter.

My favourite comedy writers are: John Sullivan (saddly missed) and Carla Lane. :)

Comedies which made me laugh: Only Fools and Horses, Bread, Butterflies, My Family, Just Good Friends, The Thin Blue Line, Mr Bean, Duty Free, As Time Goes By, Absolutely Fabulous, Fawlty Towers, The Good Life....There are a few more but they were good, clean family sitcoms.
Why can't we bring back some of the old days, but with new material, new comedies? :)
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