Sunday, September 09, 2012

Facebook :)

I have two adult daughters and they both have their own facebook accounts. They are both old enough to upload their own photographs onto facebook and to write about their own experiences and adventures of the places they have visited.

They have both visited some fabulous countries over the past few years. The countries include South Africa, Iceland, Spain, Austria, Poland etc. They are all countries I have never visited before myself and the girls are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit all of those places/countries whilst they were so young. Most of the trips have been made with the schools. I am sure both of my daughters have enjoyed their visits however I would not post their holiday photographs onto my facebook page mainly because they are all places which I have not visited before and everyone's experiences are very different.

I often post my own photographs, destinations and my experiences only, but I do not mind sharing some photographs with either of my daughters if they are places we have visited together, particularly as I am often the person with the camera.

There are bound to be photographs of places/destinations you are likely to visit that your children have not visited yet or visa versa... however I think you should post your own experiences only as facebook should be a place you share your own experiences/likes/dislikes with everyone and not that of your children's. :)

I sometimes wonder why certain parents post a whole set of personal photographs of their children's adventures etc abroad? I would certainly feel really cross if my children shared/posted all of my holiday snaps or photographs of places I have visited onto their own facebook sites.

It's great to share the odd one or two personal photographs with your children if they have given you a personal photograph of themselves because you were unable to attend an event.  Or personal photographs of them if they don't mind you sharing. For instance when you see your children nicely made up for an occasion and you feel very proud of them I don't see any harm in sharing the odd photograph from time to time because you are a proud parent however I think individual experiences abroad etc should be up to your children to share their own experiences and not up to you as a parent!!! :)

Ps When the girls were much younger, the only photographs I have ever posted of them were all photographs which I took of my children myself. I was a full time Mother therefore I had the opportunity to take many photographs. :)

SmileyRose x

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