Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fitting Your Children In With Work Schedules!!!!!

I think it is every Mother's prerogative whether she chooses to work or not to work when she has children.

I did not work when my children were both young, nor did I receive an income. We managed on a tight family budget. The income was mostly spent on what we both considered important. Our main priorities were: clothing, feeding and putting a good roof over our family's head.

If the children were ill I was often around to be able to take the girls to all of their doctor/hospital appointments etc. I remember even having an overnight stay at hospital with Lauren when she had her tonsils removed. I am so glad I was able to be there for them when they were sick and I never had a job to get in the way of me being a good Mum because I married a supportive husband. As far as I am concerned, if my child needs to see a doctor then who am I to try and rearrange my child's appointment to fit in with a heavy work schedule? Surely your Childs health is far more important.

I was often asked by the various Mother's if I ever became bored being at home with my children?  The answer is quite simply "NO."  How can you get bored being at home with your children? My day never stopped until they went to bed at night. It was often spent preparing for the following day after they went to bed.
The moral of the story: Folk should not moan when their children don't fit in with their work schedules. Ewww :(

SmileyRose x

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