Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Goody Two Shoes" - Prefects

I was recently thinking back to my early SmileyRose days. Hmmm yes it was some years ago when someone probably saw the potential in me during my school days, well you never know. ;):)

I was once made prefect and then head prefect at one of the schools I attended. :) My teachers were named Mr Barrington and the Deputy head teacher was Mr Powers. Both teachers gave me the encouragement and the confidence at school to go on to achieve other things within my life.  When they made me prefect they showed me that they believed in me...and it helped me gain the confidence I needed at the time. :)
I remember standing up in front of a whole classroom full of pupils whilst we played hangman during the wet lunch hour. The prefects were responsible for entertaining the pupils during the wet breaks. Our daily duties included: standing at the vaious points around the school building, mostly near to the school entrance/exits. We were on guard and we were there to prevent other pupils from entering the school building during their breaks/lunch times etc. It was great not being treated like a child and to be given some form of responsibility whilst we were still at school. :) It was all good fun at the time but the downside was that we tended to miss out having our breaks with the rest of our friends. ;)

Ps I have to admit....most prefects I have known during my time have always been my favourite folk. We're nice folk. ;)

SmileyRose x

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