Saturday, September 29, 2012

Clothes Shopping ;o)

Absolutely blooming hilarious!!!!:o)

I get into my car with all of my shopping bags and as I do so the car parking ticket flicks up into the air.

I chuckle to myself. I then wipe the grin of my face when I can't find the ticket anywhere in sight.
Now I am not daft and I realized that the ticket has to be in the car as all of the doors were shut when
the ticket flicked out of my hand. It's made out of card. :)

I then decide to go through my handbag and shopping bags just in case it had landed inside one of them.

I take every single item out of the bags and still I could not find my car parking ticket.:( I start to worry. I'm then getting ready to drive to the exit whereby I could speak to the little man in the machine. I suddenly breath a sigh of relief. The ticket wasn't anywhere in the shopping bags or underneath the car seats as I had originally thought because I had been looking in the wrong direction/places. It had flicked up into the air and it was stuck in the car sun visor!!!! I was looking up to the ceiling in frustration and there it was. ;o)

Ewwww I couldn't do that again even if I tried to!!! :)

Ps I only hope nobody walked by me whilst my bottom was stuck up in the air when I was searching for the ticket underneath the car seats. Oh well, if they did then at least they wouldn't be able to recognise me again. ;)

SmileyRose x

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