Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My Recent Trip To Dublin, Ireland :)

Catherine (my daughter) and I arrived at Birmingham International Airport in good time. We caught the National Express coach to the airport. Our journey to Dublin seem to go without any hitches/delays. Checking our luggage in seemed so effortless and quick. We checked ourselves in at the machines and then we queued to hand our luggage in. The queue was going down so quickly I was almost tripped over my suitcase trying to move up quickly. LOL that was one of the quickest queues I have ever come across. ;o)

Our flight to Dublin was very good. It only took about an hour to fly across to Dublin. Not long at all.

Once we arrived Dublin it was easy to catch a taxi to our hotel. :)

We checked into the Paramount hotel on Parliament Street. The hotel was a 3 star plus hotel. It was clean, comfortable and it had an excellent bath with shower ensuite. Breakfast was very good also. :) The hotel was a good base to visit all of the different attractions. :)

On this occasion only Catherine and I holidayed in Dublin. Laurne and I had a holiday back in July therefore I thought it was only fair to take Catherine on a trip. Even though they have both left school I still like to treat them from time to time. They're never too old for a bit of spoiling from their Mum from time to time. :)

I of course enjoyed a nice drink of hot chocolate on our journey to Dublin. :)

We arrive at our hotel: The Paramount Hotel on Parliament Street.  The hotel wasn't very far away from The Dublin Castle, Dame Street, Temple Street, Shops, Restaurants, Pubs and Public Transport. Our location was pretty good for exploring Dublin. :)

Both Catherine and I had a very comfortable stay in our room. I liked the ensuite bathroom which had a few steps leading from the bedroom to the bathroom. It was very nice indeed. :)

I ate a full Irish breakfast every morning...it was very good. :)

The Tourist Centre/Office was an old converted church

We managed to get a little shoping done :)

SmileyRose x

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