Saturday, September 22, 2012

Myself.....Or Trusted Family Members Only!!!!!

Now that both of my children are old enough to take care of themselves, I suppose I will never have to ever worry about childcare again. :)

Looking back, I cannot recall a time whereby I have ever paid for anyone to take care of either
of my children. I was always around to look after them particularly when they were poorly, it was
either myself or occasionally, my ex husband who would take them to the doctor/hospital. I can
even remember sleeping on the bed at the side of my youngest daughter Lauren in the children's ward when she had her tonsils removed. :) If we went out for the evening then we would only ever allow family members to take care of our girls...because they were the folk we most trusted. This was only introduced gradually. :)

I have preferred not to employ a nanny/babysitter to take care of either of my children. :) They have ONLY ever been looked after by myself, my ex husband or immediate family members ONLY! I could never trust outsiders to care for my children in the same way that I loved and cared for them...unless of course they were a close family members who I knew were going to love them and care for them in a similar manner. :)

I don't knock the really wealthy folk who employ nannies because they quite often have the money to afford the best folk to care for their children. Each to their own...however it was great being around and not missing the important stages of my childrens' lives, their informative years, the first 5 years of a childs life. :)

Almost every trusted member of BOTH sides of the family have at some stage had a part of looking after my children in my absence...even though I was their full-time Mother during their informative years.   Even when the girls started pre-school, although we paid for them to attend a couple of mornings a week, quite often I would help out at the same pre-school they both attended as a volunteer committee member.

Although they played with the other children I was quite often in the background keeping a close and
watchful eye on my own children at the same time.  When they were due to start Primary school, then only did I break them in gently and I left them at the pre-school without my presence for up to three mornings a week. They were both almost 5yrs old when I did this. Up until then they were only used to trusted family members....but mostly me. :)

Thankfully, paying for any form of childcare is something I have never had to worry about.:)

SmileyRose x

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