Saturday, September 15, 2012

Private...Should Mean Private! There Should Be New Privacy Laws

Why someone can't enjoy a holiday away and sunbathe in private really baffles me. :(

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were recently reported to be enjoying a private holiday. If Kate Middleton chooses to sunbathe topless at a private holiday destination then it should be against the law for anyone to take photographs using a long lens camera/any camera for that matter and then to have them published in the magazines/newspapers without permission.

I too went on a holiday and I have sunbathed topless on a topless beach but I would be very cross if folk published any photographs of me doing this...even if it wasn't in private!

I really feel that photographs of this nature should not be published at all. Those newspapers/magazines are totally disgraceful!!!

If every newspaper/magazine all followed suit and they all adopted the same publishing rules/principles by only publishing decent photographs for their articles then this world would be a much better place. I'm tired of reading about folk who try to make money in this manner. Photographers of this nature are all encouraged to take photographs such as this because they are likely to make more money than the real photographers out there. Just one picture can sell thousands. It's ludicrous! It should stop! There should be new privacy laws.

SmileyRose x

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