Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reading & Writing

I remember being able to read and write before I ever started school. I was 4yrs and 2 months old when I began primary school. I was one of the youngest in the class. :) We were living in Penang at the time as my Father was stationed at RAF Butterworth.  Although I attended a gindergarten just before starting school, my Mother stopped at home at the time and she didn't really go back to work until after I began school, I remember her mostly being at home.

Being the eldest out of four siblings I suppose I was quite fortunate to have my Mother at home during this time as she did eventually go back to work by the time my other siblings arrived.

I suppose I have always been fairly homely and I have tended not to really want to move too far away from either of my parents over the years. I am the only one who remains living fairly close to both of them. I tend to visit my Mother and Father often. Just recently I have been visiting them at least once a week. :)

I remember my Mother teaching me how to read and write the basic three letter words and my whole name before I began school.

I did exactly the same thing when both of my children were young. The first ever sentence I remember writing before I went to school was "The Cat Sat On The Mat. :) I taught my own children the very same. We used to make learning fun by using picture cards. :) I was somewhat surprised to see some children who attended the same pre-school as both of my children, they could hardly write their name, let alone anything else when they were young.

I felt so sorry for the primary school teachers as it just caused extra work for them when the children first began school as I think it would have been helpful if some of the children at least knew how to write and spell their own names.

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