Saturday, September 22, 2012

Suspected Meteorite Across The United Kingdom

Goodness!!! I've just been catching up on some news.

A suspected meteorite had a number of folk across the United Kingdom worrying about what it was they were actually seeing. Many likened the sky to fireworks. Apparently reports started coming in at about 23.00hrs last night. Sightings were mostly in Scotland.

I've just been reading a piece by Jonathan Amos, the Science correspondent. He writes on th
e BBC website and says Classic meteors - fragments of rock - tend to flash across the sky in an instant. These usually go unnoticed however an incoming satelite can delay the blaze of light allowing folk the chance to see it.

He also goes on to mention that there is a lot of redundant hardware/space debris up there and everything from old rocket stages to flecks of paint etc still loop around the Earth after being launched some years ago. These have floated off to space and gravity demands it all comes back to Earth eventually. Apparently the bigger the returnig object, the bigger the light.

Absolutely facinating. :)

SmileyRose x

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