Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Cheeky So and So!!!!!

The cheeky so and so! The other day someone asked me if my Father has converted his religion. Of course he has not!!!! My entire family, including my Mother and Father were born into a Christian family background only. We were all brought up as Christians. My children have been brought up as Christians too. Tuts!

I was also asked if I would convert my religion if I were to marry again. The answer is a definite 'NO'....I wouldn't want to change/convert my religion after all of these years. Heaven forbid. :)

My family members are either from a Church of England or a Roman Catholic background.

One of the nicest things about me visiting Rome was to see the Vatigan however I didn't get the chance to see the Pope on that occasion. Perhaps the next time around, if indeed there is a next time. :)

I love meeting up with my Father around about Christmas time as I like attending his church, St Georges at Stamford. It's a lovely little Church and the congregation are always a very friendly bunch of folk.

No I could not imagine for one minute wanting to change my religion to anything other than the one my family and I were born into.  :)

SmileyRose x

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