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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Les Miserables"

I have always been a huge fan of musical films...ever since i was a little girl. :)

Today I went to see the fabulous, fabulous musical film ‘Les Miserables’ at the cinema. I very much enjoyed the film.

I first went to watch the Westend musical ‘Les Miserables’ some years ago....long before either of my daughters were born. My eldest daughter is now 21yrs old. My...how time flys. J
I remember crying because I was so overcome by the Westend show when I went to watch it a number of years ago. It was that good... however nothing could prepare me for the film adaption of the Victor Hugo novel. I am so glad I took some tissues with me to watch the film this afternoon. 

The film starred Hugh Jackman, who was absolutely superb. His acting was astounding and I wasn’t aware how powerful his singing voice was. I also loved Samantha Barks acting/singing voice.  Fabulous to say the least! :0

The film also starred Russel Crowe, Anne Hatheway (fabulous actress), Amanda Seyfield, Helena Bonham Carter, Samantha Barks , Eddie Redmayne and a whole host of other actors.

The film lasted for over 2hrs...however it kept my interest right to the very end.
I’m not going to be a total spoiler here..however the film told the daunting story of a man who breaks patrol after serving a long time imprisonment for stealing a loaf of bread.  He stole in order to help feed his sister's young son.

The film is set in 19th century France.  Jean Valjean is hunted down by the Policeman Javert, but he escapes being captured on a number of occasions. Some years later Jean Valjean is unaware that one of his employees,  sacks Fantine, who is trying to make ends meet as a struggling single parent.  She makes a little money for herself and her daughter after she has her own hair cut off and she sells it on to a woman who gives her a small amount of money for it. She turns to prostitution to enable her to afford to keep her child safe, however she has a run in with the man who sacked her from her job as a factory worker. She is threatened with imprisonment. She eventually becomes very ill and jean Valjean keeps a vigil by her hospital bedside. He makes a promise to Fantine that he will care for her daughter Cossette just before she dies. He tracks Cossette down. She is being mistreated by a publican and his wife. He gives Cossette a happier life by caring for her as a father. She falls in love with Marius. Jean Valjean helps to save him during a barricade battle....and that is the general gist of the story.

I was a full time Mother when I was divorced, therefore I could associate/understand the hardships a Mother has to go through when she is faced alone in the world. It's never easy. Poor health, suicidal thoughts spring to mind....but i don't want to go there, nor do I don't want to be reminded.

It is a very haunting story which really tugs at your heart. You really do need some tissues. J

The music is absolutely marvellous to say the least. I found myself wanting to sing the songs out aloud because I bought the soundtrack after watching the Westend musical. I remember playing the songs over and over again.

I really loved the film. J   

SmileyRose x

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