Sunday, February 17, 2013

Men With Baggage :)

Men with baggage!!! Why is it that I always seem to meet guys who are seperated but they are still financially committed to their partners because they still have young kids and wives to take care off? I would never date a married man who was still in a committed relationship with is wife.

Ewww they're often guys who are looking to spend little money on you because they can't afford to take you out...or they are guys who expect you to pay for everything.

I do not need anything from a man apart from a bit of loving and to be treated like a lady. That includes being taken out from time to time. A relationship and not casual sex!  Is that too much to ask for? :)

Then there are the guys who are younger than me and who all want families. I don't want any more babies though. My children are grown up. I suppose I will have grandchildren one day...but not before my children are ready.

There are guys who are all too old for me... they're almost using walking crutches. I'm still quite young and vibrant for my age. In fact a few folk have often complimented me as they have assumed I was still in my late 30's/very early 40's. :)

I'm not financially tied to my ex. I am very independent. I have no baggage....apart from the ones that I take on holiday with me. :)

I have had quite a lot of time to write on the internet because I am not in a comitted relationship right now....however I'm bored with it and I am thinking about doing some decorating soon. :)

After divorce 7yrs ago I was totally lost....but I was determined to get out there and to make it on my own without the help of any man. I never turned to illegally making money to finance myself...I just worked hard in order to get myself into a proper job. That meant me going back to college to upgrade all of my old qualifications and to gain more qualifications in the process of it. It wasn't easy for me but it has made me a much stronger person than I used to be. :)

SmileyRose x

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