Monday, February 04, 2013


I really have had a good weekend at the cinema. J

I visited the Peterborough Showcase Cinema this weekend. I went to watch the film ‘Flight’...which starred the very brilliant actor Mr Denzel Washington and the sultry actress Nadine Velazquez.
What an absolutely brilliant film!

The film told the story of a pilot named Whip Whittaker, who was an alcoholic and a drug user. Both he and another cabin crew member (air stewardess) both have a binge drinking session on the evening before....and on the same day they were about to go on duty on a passenger air flight.
Events lead the plane to malfunction however Captain Whittaker takes over and his quick thinking and handling of the plane helps to save the lives of almost all of the passengers. He was hailed a hero.

Investigations into the plane crash reveal that the cause of the plane crashing was due to malfunction of the aircraft, however it was also established that the Captain’s orders was to stop refreshments being served on the plane due to turbulence, yet bottles of alcohol were found in the cabin waste bin. At this point the Captain could have refrained from telling the truth about his alcohol related problems because enquires reveal that the dead air stewardess was an alcoholic and traces of alcohol were found in her body during the examination. The guilt stricken pilot couldn’t bring himself to blame someone who was not there to defend herself and he decided to come clean during the court case when he revealed that it was he who had been drinking alcohol on the morning the of the flight.  
Captain Whittaker was imprisoned for his negligence and he lost his licence to ever fly again.

I know a lot of you will be thinking the poor guy should have been given a break as he saved the lives of most of the air passengers on the plane by the way in which he took control of the plane. However doesn't It just go to show that even though someone may feel that they are in control of their vehicle when they are under the influence of alcohol, they are still capable of causing a very serious accident. In the above case the pilot was heralded a hero because he managed to bring the plane down without causing death to ALL of the passengers aboard the plane. That was before they established he had been drinking. However I dare say that he was imprisoned because had he NOT been drinking anything at all, could he possibly have landed that plane without causing any deaths whatsoever? Now there's a thought.

I really enjoyed the film immensely. One to watch! J

SmileyRose x

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