Sunday, February 17, 2013

Full-Time Mother or A Homemaker

When I looked after my children I preferred to be called a Full-Time Mother rather than a housewife because that makes you sound as if you are tied to the kitchen sink every day.  A Homemaker sounds a bit American I know but it is still much nicer than being called a housewife.

I did much more than just changing nappies, cleaning, ironing etc. I had the freedom to persue other things as well. I joined the various committees and I became Secretary at the Mothers and Toddlers group. I also helped on the committee as a Secretary at the pre-school committee. I was an unpaid volunteer at all of the groups.

It's always good to keep your mind active when you are a full time Mother :)

When my first daughter was born I was still at work before I went on maternity leave... therefore the birth certificate still showed my employent as an Administrative Assistant. :)

SmileyRose x

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