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Friday, March 08, 2013

From Me..... To All Of you!

This Sunday will be Mothering Sunday/Mothers Day. Many Mothers around the United Kingdom and Europe will be spending the day with their loved ones/their children. There will be family dinners/gathering, exchanging gifts and perhaps a family outing. There will be laughter and happiness among families all over.

Mothering Sunday is a Christian festival which falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent. Other names attributed to Mothering Sunday is of course Rose Sunday - sometimes used as an alternative title for Laetare Sunday, as is witnessed by the purple robes of Lent being replaced in some churches by rose-coloured ones.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish every Mother a very Happy Mothers Day.

I would also like us all to be reminded of all of those Mothers who are no longer with us anymore. There are many folk out there whom I know personally, those who have all lost their Mothers in recent months/years....and I would like us all to remember the hurt many of these families will be feeling this coming Sunday.

There are also those Mothers who have lost their children and who will be feeling pain and hurt this coming Sunday. I would like to take the time to remember all of those folk out there, because I know how much they will be hurting. I know how much I hurt badly when I don't see/hear from my children for a couple of weeks. I cannot begin to feel the same pain as all of you must feel but I do understand.

This Mothering Sunday I will be spending time with my Mother and my daughter Lauren....unfortunately Catherine will not be with us for good reasons...mainly because our busy schedules will be keeping us apart. Be rest assured though I will be thinking about her  and no matter what the distance in miles, she will most certainly still be in my heart.

I have a way of dealing with the days I cannot be with any of my children. When I am missing them...and I am longing to be with them both, I spend a few quiet moments in solitary. I close my eyes and I picture my children in front of me. I think back to a happy moment when we are all together. I can almost touch their smiling faces as if they were really standing in front of me. Whenever I think about those moments it releases all of the tensions I have inside of me and I feel really close to them. I think it is important to make good memories together. It may not work with everyone.....but it works with me.

Here's wishing happy thoughts to everyone on Mothering Sunday. God Bless you all XXXX
SmileyRose x

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