Monday, March 04, 2013

I'm Not A Celebrity..Nor Am I Married To A Celebrity!!

I am NOT a celebrity nor have I ever been a high earner, therefore I tend not to purchase really expensive beauty products. :-)

I tend to purchase good quality make up and purfumes which do not cost the earth.

I have never bought expensive make-up or perfumes for myself however I have received birthday and Christmas gifts on previous occasions :-)

Thinks wealthy folk can afford to look good for their age because they spend enough/loads of money to look good. Ordinary folk aren't quite so fortunate as they do not earn a lot of money to enable them to afford all of the expensive cosmetics...or else I feel sure there will be far more folk who could look just as good as the celebs.
Some do not have the money to be able to attend expensive gyms every day of the week either.

For a woman of my age I get complemented on the way I look quite often...however it's not because I use expensive products in order to look good.:)

SmileyRose x

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