Tuesday, March 05, 2013

What's In A Name ;o)

It's true! I am afraid that my Facebook account is not filled with very exotic sounding names. Apart from just four or five folk.....almost all 200 names are all mostly very British names. ....They're mostly family members and friends I know in real life. :)

All of my family on Facebook were all mostly born in the UK. We're not very exotic. :)

In fact practically ALL of my friends and family members who I socialize with away from the internet are all English/British born...or just British folk. :)

I don't really know many folk who live abroad apart from just a very few. :) It's true... I know of a few folk who were actually born here in England but they were brought up in a different country. They can't speak hardly any English at all. Wonders if this still makes them English?  ;)

I was baptized with the name 'Frances'...it's quite an old English name however the Irish have been known to use the name a lot too.

The name 'Frances' is also known in the USA. 'Frances' means Freedom.

The male version of my name is 'Francis' :)

SmileyRose x

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