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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dress Sense :)

I would say that I am quite a modest dresser, particularly when I am around children.  I grew up in an era when fashion consisted of frilly blouses and shoulder pads and when women were treated more respectfully by some males. Yes they were more inclined to look for relationships rather than one night stands.

I know it's a free country and folk shouldn't be told how they should dress, however I think there are certain venues which people attend and folk should dress in a more respectful manner/more appropriately depending on where it is they are attending.

Years ago folk used to wear their Sunday best whenever they attended church. Some folk didn't have a lot of money to be able to afford the best of clothing, however they always saved at least one outfit for their Sunday best.  These days it seems 'anything goes.'  I have never been to church wearing a pair of jeans!  It just goes to show how times have changed over the years and respect seems to have gone out of the window as far as some are concerned!

I used to work in the fashion industry a number of years ago and I love to look at the different fashions. I often comment on my favourites.  :)

I think some places should definitely have a dress code. I once attended a golf club venue for afternoon lunch and I liked the fact that there was a dress code notice on the door asking that folk should be appropriately dressed or else they could risk being turned away. :)

There isn't a good reason why folk shouldn't make the effort when they go out to Sunday lunch. Thinks you  can wear jeans at any time....I don't have a problem with that, however to me Sunday is a day when I like to make an effort if I go out to lunch. :)

When it comes to buying goods I tend to only purchase those items which does not use sexual images in order to sell the item....not unless I pop along to somewhere like Ann Summer to specifically purchase goods from a shop which deals with that specifically. ;)

I would not buy a CD for instance if the front cover didn't look appropriate/the artist was not appropriately dressed on it. :) So there you go. It's nice to make an effort sometimes. :)

SmileyRose x

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