Thursday, April 11, 2013

Foreign Friends

Of course I have lovely foreign friends who do not speak the English language very well.  Indeed I have visited them when I have traveled abroad. :)  Some of my foreign friends have also visited me during their trips to England. I have loved visiting them because you can learn so much when you visit the other countries. I have loved meeting the locals from all of the countries I've had the pleasure in visiting so far. Some people can be so hospitable during my visits. I love it when folk teach you some of their good phrases..... in their language of course. ;) It can be fun to learn. I like to learn about the different cultures during my visits too. :)

Oh no! If I could not speak the language fluently in the country I chose to permanently reside in then I would not live in that country, certainly not on a permanent basis. My main home would have to be in a country where they spoke the same language as me. :)

I would consider having a holiday home perhaps which I could visit sometimes...but that's about it. My main residence would have to be in a country where I could speak and understand the language of that country.

Of course I can only speak the English language therefore I am quite happy to live in ANY English speaking country.  :)

PS I also have foreign friends who live abroad and they all speak the English language beautifully. :)

SmileyRose x

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