Monday, April 22, 2013

The Next Giant Leap For Mankind :)

The next giant leap for mankind may be the planet Mars. :)

It may take 7 months to travel to the planet however it is still in the planning stages for a new settlement on Mars due to take place in 2023.

Mars1 have designed a mission for humans to go and live the rest of their lives on the planet Mars. It is expected to create the largest media event ever.

Humans are expected to land on Mars in 2023.

Can you imagine leaving this world behind, leaving your family and friends to go and live in another world for the rest of your life? :)

In fact, if I am honest with you...I quite like the idea. :)  It certainly wouldn't be any different to living in this current world. Many spend their time keeping in contact with their loved ones via the internet/space anyway. Some families and friends emigrate and you never see them what difference would it make? :)

I'm seriously considering putting my name forward hoping someone will consider me to go and live on Mars, somewhere where it isn't overpopulated with folk you can't understand and where the traffic isn't all that bad. A place where folk will have time for each other instead of emailing/phoning one another. I quite like the idea of this already. :)  Oh dear! Wonders what dinner would consist of if there are no cows grazing. There may not be any Sunday roast dinners...but pot noodles instead.;)

Wonders if that's how Adam and Eve came to live here on planet Earth?  ;)

Anyone want to come along with me? Excitement! Don't worry, I'll still Tweet you from Mars. ;)


I just had a funny thought. What if I came back down to Earth to visit you all. If technology progressed as quickly as it has been in recent years....and I said "Beam Me Up Scottie" ...or is it "Beam Me Down Scottie" whichever. Then when I'm all done and dusted I can say "ET Phone Home" and my Spaceship would be awaiting me. ;o)

Oh Jolly Hockey Sticks. ;)

SmileyRose x

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