Monday, May 06, 2013

A Lovely Weekend :)

We had a very lovely afternoon dining out at the Fox and Hounds Inn, Exton, Rutland yesterday. It was my Father's birthday.  Hehe he's 21 again. ;) 

It was rather funny as my niece wanted to buy grandad a balloon for his birthday only she couldn't find one which said '81' on she came up with a great solution! Much to his delight she bought him a balloon with '18' on it instead... because if you turn it upside down, it says 81! She's a bright child. It seems to run in the family. :o)  

It was great to catch up with family members. Hehe my sister even managed to find some birthday candles that kept on relighting every time the candles were blown Father thought he was loosing his puff! A fun day was had by all and I enjoyed the food immensely. ;)

I have spent a lovely few days with Lauren but unfortunately she had to leave me to go and see the brilliant Beyonce live at the o2 this afternoon. Both she and her friend were picked up in a limousine, which took them to the concert. She was so excited when she left here earlier this afternoon. Lucky devil. I know she enjoyed herself as I have just received a text to say that Beyonce was amazing! :)  

Earlier this afternoon it was lovely to chat with my other daughter Catherine too.  Missing her. :)

I later popped to my Mums place. My sister was visiting with the little monkey's (my two nieces). I spent the entire afternoon tickling feet, having my feet tickled and hiding my eyes from their bellies! LOL no, not my Mum's or my sister's bellies....both of my nieces bellies. They love being tickled! Then I watched them do their 'Gangnam Style' dance. Yes a very energetic dance by a 6yr old and 3yr old....I'm so glad they didn't insist upon me joining in. It was all good fun.....and now I've come home for a rest. :)

Apart from my Father being the only guy around this weekend (poor dad) was actually a fun 'girly' weekend. ;)

SmileyRose x

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