Monday, May 06, 2013


I have been to the Showcase Cinema to watch the Disney film 'Chimpanzee' this evening. Aww it was all about a little chimp named Oscar. He was absolutely adorable. I had to use a hanky to control some of my emotions during the film. It was such an endearing little film which told the story of the little chimp in a documentary style. The narrator was excellent and the actual filming was just brilliant. 

I loved this film. :)

My favourite part was 'Cracking the nuts' lol it reminded me of us and how we used to crack nuts every Christmas and we fed our little chimps (the children) with them. They loved nuts. :) 

Click Here : "Rise" by The Mclain Sisters :)

It's a beautiful song....a song that gives someone the inspiration to carry on when they feel like there's no hope and they feel like giving up, but then someone comes along and helps them to rise again by giving them the strength to carry on.

SmileyRose x

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