Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dates - Not All Guys Are That Bad :)

I take it all back! :)  A recent observation: Not ALL guys who carry baggage (their bags/cases) -who date nice women - are all that bad really. ;) In fact, some guys can be very sweet. Some guys can be very kind and considerate. Some guys can treat a women like a lady by buying her flower/s and treating her out to dinner.  It's just a matter of going out on the right kind of dates which matter/makes a difference. ;)

To the person who posted a comment which I have now deleted, asking me if I was nice to any of my dates!!!! It's true, I am nice at all times but I know what you were meaning and yes I have dined with guys who I am in a relationship with.... and yes we have slept together afterwards.:)

Yes there are also some guys I have dated in my lifetime and I have dined with them with no strings attached. Sometimes a man likes female companionship/friendship and there doesn't have to be any hanky panky going on.:)

I have also observed that these days not all that many guys are very romantic. It is a shame because I like romantic and most females enjoy being treated 'special' when they are out with a guy....but as long as he treats her like a lady I suppose it's OK.  ;)

SmileyRose x


Anonymous said...

That was a very entertaining post, SmileyRose! I think the world is generally less romantic than it used to be, which is a shame.

What kind of dates do you like to go on and what is the best date you've ever had? X

Frances R. A. Napper said...

I think there definitely needs to be a bit more romance in the world. I like the simple pleasures in life. Going out on a date with a nice guy and enjoying each others company. I'm trying to think back on some of the dates I have had in previous years. Some turned into great romances. I think a date can be a simple walk in the park and a nice romantic meal out or even going to the cinema/theatre together. I like to be surprised but it doesn't have to be extravagant. I have had some very good dates and I wouldn't like to say which one of them was the best. I can picture them though as the good ones always remain in my mind. :)X

Frances R. A. Napper said...

Speaking of dates, I went on a date with both of my daughters today. It was great! ;)