Monday, June 17, 2013

Old School Memories In Cyprus

I used to attend the Campbell Primary School, Limassol, Cyprus. I have such happy childhood memories of the school. Those who also attended the same school would remember the unique rooftop playground we used to have. It had a painted dinosaur on it which I loved to run around and play on. LOL I used to play British Bulldogs with most of my class members on the playground and I loved being caught by one of my class friends who was named Alistair. Ooo I have a good memory. They were such fun and innocent childhood days which I would not want to forget. ;)

I remember having to return to the UK after spending three and a half wonderful years living in Cyprus back in the 70's. I remember my parents packing all our RAF crates and getting ready for our return.  I couldn't stop crying. Then one of my best friends Sarah coming to see me off at the airport. There were more tears. I always disliked having to say good bye to all of my friends.  :( 

SmileyRose x

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