Monday, June 24, 2013

'World War Z'

Not A Complete Spoiler

I recently went to watch 'World War Z' at the Cineworld Cinema, Huntingdon. The film starred Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a retired United Nations employee who is all set to spend more time with his family...until of course the Zombies try to take over and destroy humanity *Shock, Horror*   :)

The genre of the film was action, drama and horror. Heck! I admit to jumping out of my skin during a couple of scenes in the film. :)

Can you imagine living in a world whereby the Zombies take over the world and you have to literally escape them all?  LOL it reminded me of an article I once read whereby a professor once predicted that if we are not too careful that the human race will end up like 'rats breeding rats.'  Therefore can you imagine if those rats were all like Zombies?  Perhaps they'd be like folk growing up not knowing right from wrong and they're all walking around drugged up to the eyeballs, walking around like Zombies. Perhaps it would be like watching the human race deteriorating because some children aren't brought up in a loving family home anymore. There might be a very slight decline in family life over the years and the human race will begin to die and earth won't be like the earth we know it anymore. The professor did predict something very similar. Just the other day a member of public came into work and he behaved in a threatening manner towards me and a work colleague. It was a very unpleasant experience. :(

When people stop respecting others, then you know that it's time to nip it in the bud and try to help the human race.

Help! Are there any Brad Pitts out there who are willing to save the world? :)  If so, I'm a damsel in distress. ;)

Anyway, going back to the film...I really loved it. It was definitely worth a watch.

SmileyRose x


Anonymous said...

Went to watch the film and it was great. Yeah if you breed without education you'll end up like sum people i know. They're Zombie like! Ki

Frances R. A. Napper said...

Yes I suppose so! Education is very important and we don't want to all end up like Zombie's. :)