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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back Down To Earth With A Bump!!! "Gravity" :)

Today I spent a lovely day with my daughter Lauren. We went for a lovely walk around the park at Huntingdon. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were a lot of boats out on the river. I really enjoyed my stroll and catching up with Lauren today. Her excited news: She now has her own car! :)


On the way to Huntingdon we went by a Remembrance Day Procession. Everyone looked very smart indeed.

I had not seen Lauren for a few weeks. We'd both had separate holidays this year, she's growing up fast.:)

This year I went to Ireland with my eldest daughter Catherine and then I spent another week holidaying in Cornwall. When I returned Lauren was getting ready to go on holiday with some of her friends, therefore it was really great for us to catch up in person, although we do try to keep in touch fairly regularly by phone/text etc. :)

We later had dinner at Chiquito's. I ate a lovely Jambalaya meal, which I must say was very tasty in deed. We drank cocktails, both opting for the Margarita. :)

After dinner we walked over to the Cinema to see "Gravity" a 3D film starring the lovely Sandra Bullock as Dr Ryan Stone, a medical engineer on her first mission and George Clooney as Matt the astronaut in command of his last flight before retirement.  The film had me gripping onto the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Not a total spoiler

Unfortunately there is a disaster and their shuttle is destroyed. The pair are left floating in space together. I won't be a complete spoiler here, but Sandra Bullock does come back down to earth with a big bump!  I really loved the film. It's one of those films I'm really glad I watched on the huge screen at the Cinema.  :)

My own interpretation of the film reminded me loosely about my own family life, in a witty manner of course.  There are two occasions when what looked like an umbilical cord being cut. Then there was a tense part in the middle which included lots of struggles. Then there was the part when all was failing and she felt like giving up hope but her inner strength gets the better of her and it makes her more determined than ever...and finally the baby shuttles leave the Starship (two of them!) before the film climaxes and she comes back down to earth with a great big bump!

She's alone again, but only this time she's much, much stronger. :)
It's funny what we think we can see sometimes. ;)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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