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Monday, November 04, 2013


If you are looking for a good quality film to go and watch then I urge you all to go and see the film 'Philomena' ...a brilliant, brilliant British film which is very witty and heartfelt. The film will definitely go on my list of 'Best of British films'. It stars the wonderful actress Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, who incidentally wrote the script as well.

Close Your Eyes - A Bit Of A Spoiler

The film tells the story of Journalist Martin Sixsmith who helps Philomena Lee, an elderly woman, to search for her long lost son.

The woman came from Ireland and she longed to find her son Anthony, the son she was forced to give up by the nuns at a convent some 50 years ago. The film is based on a true story.

The Journalist Martin Sixsmith, is also an editor. He decides to take on a human interest story when he learns the circumstances of the woman and how she came to lose her child. The story unravels and their search takes them to Ireland to the convent and then on to America, only to learn some bad news about Anthony once they had arrived there.

Anthony's name was changed to Michael once he was adopted. He died of the AIDS virus. Michael was a closeted homosexual. He was a high-ranking official during the time Ronald Reagan was President of the USA and he feared it would ruin his career if it was found out he was gay.

Michaels dying wish was to go home to Ireland. He was buried in the grounds of the Roscrea Convent.

Philomena, forgave the nun who wrongly forced her to give up her son.  I must admit, she must have had a far more forgiving nature than I have. The nun is unrepentant, saying that losing her son was Philomena's penance for the sin of fornication. Agh!! I'm not so forgiving even though I was brought up as a Catholic.

I'm not going to be a complete spoiler, but it may be as well to close your eyes if you haven't seen the film. :)

I loved the film. I found it to be very witty, touching and well acted (take tissues).  I loved the chemistry between Philomena and the Journalist. I would love to see this film win awards, it was indeed that good!  :) 

Of course Philomena is the name of my paternal grandmother, which prompted me to want to watch the film in the first place. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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