Monday, December 16, 2013

"Frozen" - At Shepreth Wildlife Park :)

I have spent the most perfect day with my daughter Lauren. :)

We began our day by visiting Shepreth Wildlife Park.  What a fabulous place it was too. :)

There were a number of enclosures with almost every animal you can think off.  Lauren was most surprised when we visited the Wildlife Park today. I thought it would be a good idea to surprise her because she has recently been working and studying so hard. Our favourite animals of the day were the Tigers "Rooooooar" ;)

Afterwards we both decided to go to the Cineworld cinema to watch "Frozen."  It is a Disney film based on the classic film "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson. The film tells the story of Princess of Arendelle. She has the ability to create ice and snow. On the night of her Coronation she becomes annoyed at her sister for wanting to marry a man she had only just met!  She turns the land of Arendelle into eternal winter. She flees when her magic is exposed to the guests and they accuse her of witchcraft. She builds herself a little ice Palace on a hilltop. Her sister is concerned for her safety therefore she tries to help her by venturing off to seek her.

During her travels she meets Kristoff and his reindeer. She meets up with an old snowman acquaintance named Olaf and they all set off to help seek her sister.  :)

When they eventually reach her sister she refuses to go back and end the winter. It leads them both to argue again. She strikes her in the heart with her powers and only 'The Act of True Love' can release her and stop her from freezing. 

During a crucial moment of life and death she manages to save her sister's life by standing in the way of an arrow however she freezes and it seems far too late to save her.  Her sister grieves and it is realized that the "Act of True Love" is shown when her sister sacrificed her own life in order to save her sister.

I won't spoil the film any further.

It's a great film and you should go and watch it.  :)

Hmm wonders if my sister can thaw me. I'm looking for the act of "True Love" ;)

Me :)

Daughter Lauren and I meeting Santa Clause. :)

The crocodile featured in the Johnny Depp film 'Finding Neverland' :)








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