Sunday, December 08, 2013


A Slight Spoiler

I went to the Showcase Cinema this evening to watch the film "Getaway."  The film starred Ethan Hawkes, Selena Gomez and Jon Vought.  It was an action packed thriller with plenty of high speed car chases which result in a number of police cars being written off. Ethan Hawkes plays the part of an ex racing driver who tries to save the life of his wife.

The story: There's a kidnapping and then a race again time to free the hostage. There is the blowing up of a power station and a City left in complete darkness whilst the Kidnappers plot a major crime.  Ethan Hawkes is given a set of instructions by the kidnappers voice and he's told to follow the instructions precisely in order to free the hostage.

He's asked to steal a specially customised Mustang, his first instruction by the Voice.  The owner of the Mustang tries to steal her own car back after she receives a call telling her where her car is. She assumed the person to be a Policeman, only it was part of the plan concocted by the Kidnapper!  She is part of the plot, however she also assists Ethan Hawkes with his race against time to free the hostage, who is indeed his wife.

The story ends just when you think all is OK! ;)

I really enjoyed the film. One to watch. :)

Soundtrack from film: Jingle Bell Rock :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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