Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Two Weeks Notice"

I have just watched the film "Two Weeks Notice" on the television.  Goodness knows how many times I have watched the film, however it is one of my favourite Romantic Comedy. :)

The 2002 film stars Hugh Grant  who plays an immature billionaire named George and Sandra Bullock plays who the part of a lawyer named Lucy.

Lucy tries to stop the demolition of a community centre,  however George promises to save it if she went to work with his company.

Lucy goes to work for George, however she finds that it's all too much hard work. He requires her to be at his beck and call until eventually she decides to resign from her job.

George isn't happy at her decision to leave the company so he tries to prevent her getting another job.

Eventually she resigns and gives George two weeks notice. She manages to find a good replacement and George is very happy.  He becomes flirtacious with his new colleague and Lucy finds herself becoming a little jealous because she ends up falling in love George.

She goes off to work for a Legal Aid company, however George seeks her only to surprise her with his new speech and how he has a change of heart and he decides to support her causes.

She's delighted and the film ends with him proposing by him telling her that when they marry they may have to share a helicopter with another family because he will be slightly poorer. ;)

There were a number of funny scenes in the film ie., rushing to a camper trailer to use the loo during a busy traffic queue. LOL I can associate with something similar in the past, both of my daughters thought it hilariously funny. :)

I love the film :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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