Monday, January 20, 2014

A Very Pleasant Dinner Date

 I recently had a very pleasant dinner date with some of the elderly folk at St Clements in Stamford.

We ate a three course meal. It was very nice indeed. I even got to sit at the head of the table! :) I chatted with a number of lovely folk. I was very pleasantly surprised when I ended up sitting next to one of my old school teachers, Mr Rowbottom and his good lady wife. :)  What a lovely man and I was pleasantly surprised to see him.  As we were chatting he mentioned how nice it would have been for him to have seen some old school photographs of the old Exeter C of E Secondary School, Stamford before they pulled it down. Unfortunately, I'm not in touch with anyone who may have some photographs. It's such a shame.

I mentioned that I had been in touch with another of the teachers who taught me at the same school, Miss Griffen. He asked me to remember him to her should I see her in passing again. :)

Thanks to my Father and Marion for inviting me. I had a really pleasant afternoon and I met some very nice folk. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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