Monday, January 20, 2014

'The Railway Man'

I recently went to watch 'The Railway Man' at the Showcase Cinema. Hehe I enjoy chatting to friendly folk whilst I'm standing in the queue sometimes. ;)

I really enjoy the film. It told the very poignant story of a man named Eric Lomax who is suffering psychological trauma after his wartime experience, during the second world war. The film stars the fabulous actors Colin firth and Nicole Kidman.

A Slight Spoiler, So Close Your eyes!

Eric is forced to work on the railway after being captured and held at a POW camp.  He builds a radio and he draws a map of the railway because he is a Railway enthusiast, for this he is tortured like an animal!

Many years later, after the war is over, he meets and falls in love with Patti.  His best friend and his wife think it would be a good idea to find and confront one of  his Japanese captures, Takashi Nagase in order to free him of his tormented mind which causes him to suffer hatred for the man Nagase.

He manages to track down Naase who is working as a tourist operator. After he catches up with him, he means to torture and let Nagase suffer in the same manner he had to endure such suffering, however he doesn't have the heart to and he decides to forgive him instead!  The two men eventually form a solid friendship together.

It was a really good little film and I certainly loved watching this film. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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