Monday, February 10, 2014

A Lovely Day With Lauren and The Wolf of Wall Street

Today I spent a lovely day with my youngest daughter Lauren.  We did some shopping together before having a spot of lunch.

The day was quite blustery, therefore it was a good day to go to the Cinema.  We both decided on the Leonardo DiCaprio film 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. :) 

I was really pleasantly surprised as the film was about 3 hours long I thought there may be a few slow periods, however it was an incredibly funny film which kept me gripped from start to finish.

I thought Leonardo DeCaprio was an amazing actor in this film. He really was awesome!

A Slight Spoiler So Look The Other Way :)

The film was directed by Martin Scorsese and the film is told in a narrated style by Leonardo's character. He tells the story of his own success and how he began working for a stockbroker firm back in the 1980's. When he becomes a stockbroker after qualifying, his boss offers him some advise on how to be successful. He advises lots of casual sex with prostitutes and to take drugs in order to keep himself alert.

He eventually loses his job as the firm he works for goes into bankruptcy, due to Black Monday. His wife persuades him to take on a job with a Long Island boiler room. He impresses everyone with his working ethics during which time he then befriends a neighbour and they both decide to set up business together,  Stratton Oakmont.

As they become wealthy he is seen to live a much more lavish lifestyle which include regular parties.  He meets and starts up an affair with an ex model and he eventually leaves his wife to set up home the woman. He becomes a cocaine addict. The FBI begin to investigate his firm which make lavish amounts of money. He decides to try and hide his money is a Swiss bank and he uses friends with European passports to smuggle cash into Switzerland. One of the money couriers is arrested and their scheme is almost exposed. Eventually the The FBI raids and shuts down Stratton Oakmont and Leonardo's character ends up doing a 36 month imprisonment.

His wife divorces him. There is a moment when he tries to make off with one of his children, which results in him crashing the car.

The reason why I liked the film is because it was a very controversial film. The lack of good morals in the film conflict with absolutely everything I believe in.  It tells the story of how some of the other half live and everything I cringe about/gets my back up was mentioned in this one film. My view: It would be my worst nightmare if all folk actually lived like this and thank goodness there are a few more conservative folk who still have some good morals. ;)

The film had a lot of hilarious moments which actually made me laugh out loud.  Yep! The Wolf on Wall Street reminded me of the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. ;)

I must admit to not enjoying this genre of film very often, however it was worth a watch just to see the outstanding acting from actor Leonardo DiCaprio which should not go unrecognised. :)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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