Friday, March 07, 2014

A New York Winters Tale

A New York Winters Tale _ It was a very watchable supernatural film which stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe and Will Smith.  The film is based on a novel of the same title by Mark Helprin.

Spoiler - Look Away

The film tells the story of a man named Peter Lake. Peter is rescued by a mysterious white horse. The horse encourages Peter to steal from a mansion, the home of Beverly Penn, a young woman dying from tuberculosis.

Instead of stealing from her, Peter befriends Beverly and the couple fall in love.

Peter is raised by a demon named Pearly Soames who poses as a gangster. Peter decides to leave the gang , much to Pearly's disappointment.  He orders his gang to track Peter down. One of Pearly's men, secretly disguised as a waiter, poisons Beverly.  Peter tries to save Beverly by placing her on a miracle bed in the greenhouse, only it is too late and Beverly dies. 

Pearly's gang eventually catch up with Peter and he is thrown off a bridge and  left to die.

Peter survives the fall. When he come around, he wanders the city with amnesia for a whole century, drawing chalk art of a red headed girl on the pavements.

100 years later he bumps into Abby, a young girl with beautiful red hair, just like the chalk art.  Peter learns from Abby's mother, that she is dying of cancer. He convinces Abby's Mother that he could be Abby's miracle. He mentioned the bed in the greenhouse and that he wanted to take Abby there to see if she could be cured. They set out on their journey and they manage to make it to the Greenhouse after a run-in with Pearly.

Abby becomes weaker and her life is slipping away but they manage to place Abby on top of the bed in the Greenhouse just in time.  The miracle starts to work and Abby is saved.

The film ends when Peter flies into the sky on the white horse.

Aww a romantic films, you can't beat them!

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