Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thinks Facebook Can Help To Bring You Closer Together ;o)

The best thing about Facebook! It has allowed me to be in closer contact with my overseas friends. It's not always easy to keep in touch by letter as often as you would like to, therefore I am thankful I have found some of my overseas friends on Facebook. Also, when my sister and her family are visiting abroad (they travel to the USA often) it enables me to keep us in closer contact with them. :)

Having said all of that.....I am seeing my sister and her family later today. Now that was big surprise. I didn't expect that! We haven't seen each other since Christmas. Yes I am so thankful to have a few friends who live abroad. It has given me a good reason to visit their country and experience their culture when I travel abroad. I have travelled to Cyprus in recent years and I have visited my friends whilst there. They too have visited me here in the's been great to see each other in person and to continue our friendship via Facebook. :)

Now that my nieces are getting older, it has been lovely to share their photographs when they are abroad in the USA. It has helped to bring us closer together. ;) 

Of course Facebook has also helped me to keep in touch with folk in one place, particularly when they are all spread out all over the UK.  

It is also good to keep in touch with your favourite folk altogether.... and who lived close by too. ;) 

SmileyRoseFrances x

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