Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Speaking In English :)

There have been many occasions when I have telephoned outside agencies and I have had to speak to Secretaries/Office Staff who have different accents which I am unfamiliar with and I sometimes find it a struggle to understand them clearly, however I find this acceptable because the person whom you are telephoning/speaking to lives abroad in his/her own country to begin with and that person is making a very good effort to speak to us in English. I think it's remarkable that many foreigners make the effort to speak the English language in the first place and I applaud anyone who can speak another language as their second language. Very well done to them! :)

I think the English in particular expect folk who come from abroad to all speak their language, when really we should be thankful that the foreigners make an effort to speak to us in English or else how else would we get by? :)  The English are a nation who don't really make the effort to learn to speak other languages yet I have spoken to foreigners who can all speak 4/5 different languages! In fairness to some of the English folk I speak to, many of them often say that they've NEVER had any intention of living abroad in the first place, therefore why should they learn a foreign language which I can also understand too. Many are older folk who were born in the Country and they feel as if there has been an intrusion on their lifestyles ever since the foreigners who do speak another language first came to live in their country. It can take a bit of getting used to, particularly when you live in a large City like Peterborough. Sometimes all you ever hear is a foreigner speaking in his/her own language and it can get you down if you're living in your own country. 

Having said this, today I spoke to someone who works within a job here in England. I really did struggle to understand what she was asking me, even though she was speaking to me in English. LOL I ended up having to guess what it was she was actually saying because her accent was very strong and unfamiliar to me!

Personally speaking I think folk who live and work within a job here in the UK, and their job entails communicating with others on a daily basis, then their accents should be clearly understood no matter where they come from! It really can be a struggle to understand some folk otherwise. Even funnier still, I have friends who live abroad who speak the English language as their second language and they can speak English far more clear than this person I spoke to today!!! :)

I would say that I am a pretty tolerant person, however sometimes you have to say just what you really think!:)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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