Sunday, April 27, 2014

'The Love Punch' :)

This afternoon Lauren (my daughter) and I went to watch the film 'The Love Punch' at Cineworld, Huntingdon.

I must admit to laughing out loud and simply loving this film. I love romcoms, the funnier, the better. It was just what the doctor ordered, a bit of laughter and good humour never hurt anyone.

Close your eyes now. A little spoiler.

The film told the story of a divorced couple, Richard and Kate. They are both guests at a wedding when they meet again some years later. They're still on talking terms after he left her to have an affair with a new and much younger lover. The affair eventually fizzles out.

He is close to retirement, however he discovers their retirement nest egg has been stolen and they plot to recover it by finding the French Financier who defrauded his investment company.

They travel to France together, with their former neighbours. They decide to steal a huge diamond worth 10 million pounds. Kate recalls the diamond was bought by the French financier for his bride, Sophie. LOL so funny! They plot to gate crash a wedding. They are aware the couple would be attending and so they plan to steal the diamond.

Sophie is angry with her husband because she learns he doesn't really love her in the way she'd like him to love her.

After already befriending Kate, Sophie is thankful for Kate's advice and she gives them the diamond in an attempt to give them what was rightfully theirs, after she decides her husband isn't the man for her!!!

Richard confirms a deal of 15 million pounds when he sells the diamond to a diamond dealer.

The couple rekindle their love for each other after Kate briefly meets and has sex with a much younger man she'd been chatting with on a dating site, however she's not interested in having a relationship with the young man. 

She finds Richard and they both realize that as they become older and wiser, that they are both aging and how much nicer it would be to grow old together!!!

A lovely film. It was also very funny. ;)

Me! With my 'almost' Emma Thompson hairstyle ;)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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