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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two TV Documentaries I Have Watched Recently

Firstly, I'll discuss the first documentary I watched. It was about caring for our parents in their old age. The couple featured were Len and Kathleen. They'd both worked hard for all of their lives. They paid their taxes. They have a beautiful home together. In their old age Kathleen became bedridden and frail, Len had become very frail and he found it a struggle to help Kathleen as much as he would have preferred. The couple had been in and out of hospital. Kathleen had become a nuisance to the emergency services because she would keep dialing 999 in order to call someone out to help turn her or if she'd slipped down her bed, she could not assist herself back into a comfortable position again. At this stage, you could not help but feel sorry for the couple, but it was costing a lot of money each and every time she called out the emergency services.

The couple were adamant they wanted to stay in their own home, so they asked for around the clock services of a care assistant, however, because they could not afford to pay for this service they were limited to how many carers would call each day (not many). So Kathleen continued to dial 999 every time she wanted the assistance of someone to help her.

The couple both wanted to die peacefully in the surroundings of their own home. They'd been married for 60 years but they did not have a family of their own.

After they were both hospitalized on the last occasion, the social services and the medical profession began to put pressure on the couple to go into a care home. They both refused and they asked for more assistance with their care which was quite plainly what they both needed if they were to remain living in their home together. I can understand why they would feel more comfortable in their own home.

My question! Why shouldn't someone who has worked hard for their home, they've paid into a tax system for all of their lives, get more assistance? Surely it was costing enough to call out the emergency services each and everytime Kathleen needed assistance and it would have perhaps have saved time and money sending another care assistant!

There are folk living in this country who have NEVER worked/folk coming into this country who have never worked/they've never paid a penny into the tax system, they don't have their own homes but they are entitled to care. Why can't someone who has paid into a system be entitled to MORE care? Are we encouraging the British public to say "Up Yours! I don't want to work!!!"

You couldn't help but shed a tear or two for the couple because they both insisted upon remaining in their home and they are standing up for something which they strongly believe in. I can't say that I really blame either of them!

The second documentary I watched was: 'How To Get A Council House.' They featured a young woman who had child after child but she didn't work for a living. It also featured another young woman who lived in a huge home with her parents, but wanted a council property so that she could have her own independence. She was working. Another lady they featured on the programme had to flee her husband with her children because of a bad marriage and lastly, there was a single man who can't get a job! All of these people were in need of somewhere to live.

Eww why does this government encourage unmarried folk to have as many children as they like just so they can have a council house? Thinks the Fathers of the children should be forced to work in whatever job... so that they can provide some income for their own child/ren! Why did the woman need to remain within a London borough, where it is expensive for her to live? If she doesn't want to work and insists upon having more children, she has four children in total, then she should be forced to live somewhere cheaper! After my marriage ended, I was forced to live in a less expensive area and we owned our own home. I used to live in Stamford where the cost of a home is expensive! If I had to move in order to find a cheaper home after my marriage ended and to find work...then why can't someone who has NEVER worked before, who doesn't own their home and who has child after child, why does she need to stay in an expensive area? Why can't the housing association find her accommodation further up North where it is cheaper and she can still get benefits whilst she is not working, because she as four very young children ?

When I was down and out a number of years ago, I was in my 20's, I was working in a full time job, however I had to rent whatever accommodation there was, in a room as a lodger. Why does the other woman feel she needs to have a council house all to herself? The other two are quite understandably in need of a council property, because of their genuine circumstances. Still thinks this government encourages some folk to shy away from work and to have loads of children when they can't afford to have them!!! They seem to live the life of riley!!!

Thinks they ought to cut child benefits for anyone who has more than two children, particularly if they can't afford to pay for their own children and they expect tax payers to keep paying for them!!! 

OK! Moan over.:)

SmileyRoseFrances x

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