Saturday, May 17, 2014

Supporting My Cuz On This One! "Deep Cuts"

Supporting my cuz Darren Bransford with this! :)

My cuz Darren Bransford has just woken up to discover that they are now at a whopping £20,225 on their Kickstarter campaign!!!! They are so close now with only 9 Days To Go and only £4,775 left to raise to reach their target. Please help them get there! Kickstarter is 'all or nothing' meaning if we they don't reach their target, they lose everything pledged so far!! Pledges start at £5 and rewards include DVDs, vintage T-Shirts, limited edition mugs, memorabilia signed by cast, tickets to BAFTA screening and many more! Please visit:

Incidentally, we are indeed REAL cousins and NOT "Kissing Cousins" :)  Our Mums are real sisters. :o)

  CLICK HERE "Deep Cuts"

SmileyRoseFrances x

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